Coffee Makers with a Thermal Carafe

Coffee Makers with a Thermal Carafe Coffee makers with a thermal carafe tend to keep coffee fresher longer after it has brewed. It also keeps coffee warm. Many coffee makers with stainless steel thermal carafes are perfect for offices, school dorms, and even home offices when you have a cup of coffee every few hours….

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Top Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Super Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies   I just love chocolate chip cookies! The smell of them baking just makes a house a home. In looking for some easy recipes to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, I found several and wanted to share with you! Hope your day is wonderful! Carmen @KitchenThings   Simple…


Caramel Apple Slices

Caramel apples are a real treat! When my son was little, he would sit down at his little table with a green apple and a little cup of caramel – pure happiness! I have fond memories of caramel apples at the fair in autumn. The smell of warm caramel would have everyone lining up. Here…


Classic Pumpkin Roll

This recipe for a classic pumpkin roll looks delicious, and I love to bake in the fall. This cake would be perfect with a cup of coffee and a good book. Check out the original recipe at Mom Loves Baking… PrintClassic Pumpkin Roll Ingredients2/3 cup Pumpkin, canned 3 Eggs, large Baking & Spices 3/4 cup…