Baconator Burger Recipe

Baconator Burger Recipe

At the South’s hottest restaurant, the bacon is inside the burger, not on top of it. – This is my son’s favorite burger!


Like most of us, Charleston chef Sean Brock knows that the only thing better than a cheeseburger is a bacon cheeseburger. So for the $10 version at his new restaurant, Husk, Brock went whole hog, grinding cult favorite Benton’s hickory-smoked bacon into the locally sourced grass-fed beef. The inspiration for the infusion? “I hate fighting with a strip of bacon that’s sliding off the bun,” says Brock, who skips the lettuce and tomatoes for the same reason. (Fast food chain Wendy’s Baconator falls into the bacon-strip category.)

Brock is not the first chef to have this peanut-butter-meets-chocolate moment. A handful of restaurants have offered a similar burger,including–believe it or not–IHOP, which rolled out its Bacon N’ Beef burger last fall.  What sets Husk’s burger apart is the use of super-smoky Benton’s. The thin double patties are then seared to a crust in a wood-fired oven and served on home-made buns, gooey with melting American cheese. And while it may be impossible to fully fuse all the elements of a bacon cheese-burger into each bite, Brock comes darn close.

How to Bring Home the Bacon

Any decent butcher shop can set you up with a bacon grind, even those that don’t normally offer it. Ask your butcher for 80% beef chuck ground with 20% bacon ends (or slab bacon). Don’t have a local butcher? You can also mail-order a bacon blend from Wisconsin smoke-house Nueske’s. Either way, here’s what to know about your grind:

* Use a hot-smoked bacon in your blend if you prefer a rare or medium-rare burger.

* If you like your patty cooked through, boost the fat percentage in the grind to keep the meat moist into the well-done range.

* There’s no need to season your patties. The bacon provides ample salt for the entire grind.

–Hunter Kennedy

Photograph by Terry Manier

Step Aside Wendy’s, This Is the Real Baconator – Bon Appétit.

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