French Market Coffee

French Market Coffee with Chicory

French Market Coffee with Chicory

French Market coffee with chicory is my favorite coffee. I buy it from my local grocery store as often as I possibly can. It is so good with a beignet or croissant. This coffee is rich and bold. The smell of it brewing is enough to set my day off right. When my family came to visit this past summer, I brewed several pots and we all had some kicked back mornings enjoying our coffee, pastries and lively conversation.

Chicory is a magical plant known to bring success and good luck (I just love to find magic in everything). So why not enjoy a cup of that – especially when it tastes so good!

French Market coffee is rich with chicory and is a bold flavored coffee. With a little cream, it’s a New Orleans tradition that you will want to bring home. This is the restaurant blend, and it makes for a perfect cup of coffee.

The first time I found this coffee was on a trip to my local World Market store. I bought one box of Cafe du Monde coffee with chicory and a box of beignet mix. After brewing the coffee and whipping up the beignets with my son, I keenly remembered the delicious smell from another lifetime. It was that wonderful! I prefer my coffee with lots of rich cream, but this coffee also tastes great black.

FRENCH MARKET Coffee and Chicory Restaurant Blend, Medium-Dark Roast, 12 Ounce Can
List Price: $8.99
Current Price: $8.99
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Product Features

  • Made with 100% premium Arabica Beans and imported French Chicory
  • Slow Roasted in small batches and specially ground to release deep, rich flavors
  • Made in New Orleans since 1890
  • Medium-Dark Roast

Product Description

Greetings from New Orleans. In 1890, the first can of French Market Coffee and Chicory roasted, blended and packaged. The Bartlett and Dodge families, incorporated as the American Coffee Company, moved that famous coffee to 800 Magazine Street in 1941. In this post-Katrina age of fascination with our city and its history, we recognize the strength of our 117 years of calling New Orleans home. Our customers are fiercely loyal, both individually and institutionally. We are enjoyed in the iconic restaurants of a city known for its cuisine. This Who We Are is part of what inspires the loyalty we strive to live up to day after day and year after year. A family company in every sense of the word, we've been fortunate enough to keep our employees with us for years some have even stuck with us for decades. more

Please note that all pricing and availability are subject to change.

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French Market Coffee with Chicory and Cafe du Monde

Coffee with chicory and beignets are a popular morning treat at Cafe du Monde, the original French Market coffee stand in New Orleans. Beignets are delightful and are made with square pieces of dough, fried and dusted with powdered sugar. The coffee stand serves them in orders of three, but if I were to take them home, I would eat them one after the other without too much regret! 😉