Kuvings 200SM Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment for Kuvings SC/SE Series Juicer

Kuvings 200SM Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment for Kuvings SC/SE Series Juicer, Black

Kuvings 200SM Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment for Kuvings SC/SE Series Juicer, Black

  • Designed for use with most Kuvings SC/SE juicer models (Sold Separately) – For a precise fit
  • Crushes ice – For use in snow cones, frozen cocktails, slushies’ and more
  • Minces and Purees – Allowing you to create fresh, healthy baby food
  • Included recipes – Offer preparation suggestions

Kuvings 200SM Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment – Put away the unhealthy, fattening ice cream and make your own 100% fruit sorbet and other treats that will nurture your health like no other desserts have done before. This product is an attachment for the Kuvings Silent Juicer that adds diverse functionality to the juicer. The Frozen Dessert Maker will make a variety of fresh frozen desserts like fruit sorbet, snow cones, or even frozen cocktails. This attachment can also mince a variety of ingredients, fresh or cooked, t

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Kuvings Frozen Dessert Makers

What is a Frozen Dessert Maker

Mexican Dessert Queen's Spicy Mango Ice
Mexican Dessert Queen’s Spicy Mango Ice

Frozen dessert makers are wonderful for making frozen desserts at home. The cool thing is that you can add frozen fruit to them and make healthy treats for the kids. They are really great for making sorbets, sherbet, and even non-dairy frozen desserts.

Relieving the Heat with Frozen Desserts in Mexico

The weather in Mexico is hot and tropical. To cool down, the Mexican people have lots of delicious frozen treats. Frozen desserts are sold up and down the streets not too different from our own ice cream trucks in the United States. The hard part is deciding which icy treat to choose.

If you like popsicles, you will love paletas. In Spanish, their name means “little shovels.” They may look like normal popsicles but they taste very different from what we may have eaten as kids. Paletas commonly come in flavors like chili, cucumber, sour fruit and milk mixed with fruit. Paletas are healthy snacks that are low in fat. Try some… it does not matter if you like them creamy or icy, you are sure to find one you like.

Mexico loves its ice cream. Popular vanilla ice cream can be topped with cajeta, which is a sweetened caramelized milk. To make cajeta, sweetened milk is slowly cooked down until it forms a thick syrup. This syrup can also be made with juice or goat’s milk. You may find it called dulce de leche, crema de cajeta or leche quemada.

Fried ice cream is a wonderful treat from Mexico. They freeze ice cream balls until they are very solid. The ice cream is then rolled in a coating like corn flakes or cookie crumbs before being deep fried briefly at a low temperature. This fried frozen dessert may be topped with cinnamon, honey or whipped cream. Fried ice cream is delightful due to the contrast between the hot crispy crust and the cold creamy ice cream. Try it at a local Mexican restaurant if you can and then try to make it at home!

Ice cream from Tocumbo is highly prized. They make ice cream out of anything… tequila, corn, avocado, pine nuts, peanut butter, horchata, pickled plums or apricots, and more are fair game for the ice cream makers. This treat is sold throughout Mexico in over 10,000 outlets.

Raspados, or snow cones, are sold all year long in Mexico and are especially popular with the children. Made of shaved ice and colored syrup, they come in any flavor you can imagine. Sorbets are newer to Mexico but they have been accepted as readily as other foods into Mexico’s cuisine. Thinner savory sorbets are made with herbs as a palate freshener. Liquor sorbets are also very popular as a dessert or palate freshener. Sweet sorbets are thicker than the savory ones, being made with crushed fruit and little water. Their flavor is more intense.

Just like other Mexican food, frozen desserts can be made at home in your own kitchen. They are delicious, refreshing, and perfect for cooling you down on a hot summer day. Select a few recipes and see what your family likes. If they are like most people, they will love trying new frozen desserts.

You can also find many frozen Mexican desserts at Hispanic or Latino markets. This is a great way to try something before you make it to see if you like how it tastes. Once you find what you like, get a recipe and make it yourself!

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