Rome’s 1028 Chuckwagon Waffle Iron, Cast Iron

Rome’s 1028 Chuckwagon Waffle Iron, Cast Iron

Rome's 1028 Chuckwagon Waffle Iron, Cast Iron

  • Traditional Waffle Iron
  • Features Removable Steel Handles For Use On A BBQ Grill
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Makes 6 inch Diameter Waffles

Cast iron waffle iron has 16″ wood and steel handles for use on a BBQ grill. Makes traditional 6″ diameter round waffles. Made by family camping cookware specialists, Rome Industries.

List Price: $ 34.99

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Belgian Waffle Irons

Belgian WafflesMany people love breakfast. Even more people enjoy being served, or going out for breakfast.

A favorite of many is the Belgian waffle, the thick, light sweet waffle that originated appropriately in Belgium.

Interestingly, these waffles are not eaten for breakfast in Belgium. They are used as a snack food and sold on the street by a street vendor.

Though not for the diet conscious, it is undoubtedly a sweet, decedent breakfast treat for those in other areas of the world.

Many of us wonder why this wonderful breakfast alternative is tricky to replicate at home.

Well, it is honestly not too difficult to figure out. The secret lies in the Belgian waffle iron.

Belgian waffle irons are the instruments used by restaurants to make these wondrous concoctions.

Thankfully, they can be purchased for home use, but vary greatly in many aspects. The best restaurant results may not lie in the price, but in other tips and suggestions when purchasing one for the home.

First of all, they vary in the material used to make them. From aluminum to cast iron and everything in between, this will produce a vastly different result. Usually all are very delicious, but the material that is most representative of restaurant quality is the waffle iron made of cast iron.

Cast iron is the choice for restaurant waffle irons for a few reasons. One because of their durability, but also because they “lock” in the flavor, ultimately producing a great finished product.

Belgian waffle irons made of cast iron are usually older in age and extremely heavy in weight. They can be purchased for home use, but are also usually quite expensive. Unless you intend to make a career out of producing Belgian waffles, you may want to consider one made of something other than cast iron.

Most consumers choose non stick, aluminum waffle irons. Found almost anywhere, they are lighter in weight, more affordable, easier to clean up, and still produce a wonderful waffle.

Because of their ease of use, they make the task of making Belgian waffles both simple and a lot of fun. If you’re unsure, consider buying one of these first before making the upgrade to a fancier model.

You may be quite surprised at the results you achieve from a waffle iron which was purchased at a local convenience store, rather than a specialty restaurant warehouse.

Lastly remember that the Belgian waffle iron is important, but what you place in the iron is of importance as well. Always use high quality ingredients, coupled with a tried and true recipe. If you take into consideration all of the points mentioned above, there is no reason why you can’t make waffles like a chef right at home.

Have fun, enjoy, and share your experience with others. Everyone deserves to know the benefits of owning a Belgian waffle iron at home. Good Luck!

Belgian Waffle Irons

Waffle Iron Recipes

Waffle Iron Recipes