Spiral Ninja Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle Zoodle Slicer

Spiral Ninja Vegetable Spiralizer Bundle - Zoodle Slicer - Zucchini Veggie Spaghetti Pasta Noodle Maker - With Ceramic Peeler
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Product Features

  • SUPERIOR BUNDLE - The perfect holiday gift set comes with a FREE Ceramic Peeler, Premium Storage Bag, Flexible Cleaning Brush, Safety Cap and Healthy Recipe eBook. Your digital cookbook is downloadable and will be sent by email, so watch your inbox.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Unlike cheaper models, the Spiral Ninja Slicer is made of safe BPA-free plastic with an optimized durable design, so the integrated super sharp stainless steel blades and handles won't bend, break or rust, giving you the sharpest and quickest slice possible.
  • EASY TO USE - Award Winning Design - Use a simple turning motion to instantly turn vegetables into fun veggie spirals with this portable, handheld kitchen tool. Engineered for safety and durability, no clogging and no assembly required. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Japanese dual blades produce two julienne sizes.
  • PERFECT FOR zucchini, squash, cucumbers, carrots, parsnip and more! Add vegetable variety to yours and your families' daily diet with veggie zucchini and squash pasta noodles, colorful salads and stir-fry's, and nutritious soups. Ideal for Raw, Paleo, Vegan, Low-Carb and Gluten-free diets. Makes a great gift!
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE - Buy the best Spiralizer on the market with our no-hassle, money-back LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Please contact us directly if you have ANY questions and we will take care of you.

Product Description

The Best Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetables are good for you but they can also be boring with a capital B. And if you're a meat and potatoes kind of guy or gal, you avoid any green stuff on your plate. Your kids avoid veggies too but if you don't eat them, why should they? Still, you know that you need more veggies for good health. If only you could find a way to make them more interesting or to taste better.

Can a spiralizer actually make you crave your veggies?

Any chef will tell you that we eat with our eyes first. If food looks good, you want to eat it. A veggie spiralizer takes
a boring zucchini and turns it into healthy, nutritious spaghetti. Who doesn't love spaghetti? With the Spiral Ninja
Slicer, you can turn your vegetables amazing stir-frys, pasta dishes, salads and more. Our vegetable spiralizer has
a solid composite design so it won't bend or break and the premium stainless steel blades and handles won't detach.

With our vegetable slicer you get:
• High-quality super sharp blades that stay sharp and won't dull or rust
• Two julienne sizes - 2x3mm and 3.5x5mm
• Compact tool that does the job quickly and easily
• Perfect veggie noodles every time
• Easy clean up and top rack dishwasher safe

Endless, fun veggie noodles or your money back

The Spiral Ninja Slicer is backed by our 100% money-back lifetime guarantee. And just for trying it you'll get a downloadable healthy eBook filled with delicious spiralizer recipes.

To turn your plain-jane veggies into the star of your meals, click the Add to Cart button to have your Spiral Ninja Slicer shipped today.

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